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Product benefits
Wall-mounted lift basin

  • Easy surface-mounting
  • Capable of being integrated into every bathroom and sanitary facility.
  • Electrically variable height adjustment (range: 350 mm)
  • Mechanically inclined by 10 degree to the front
  • Accessible basin with special shape
  • Additional accessible, ergonomically folding handles
  • Control via wall switch integrated in the handles
  • Additional remote control available
  • Side panels and handles available in every RAL color
  • Drain-Kit
  • Electric unit
  • Safe low voltage 24 V technology
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

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Wall-mounted lift basin

Electrically adjustable in height and mechanically inclinable lift basin with surface mounting

Lift Waschtisch Aufputz - KonstruktionLift Waschtisch Aufputz - elektrisch höhenverstellbar und mechanisch neigbar

Lift basin – wall-mounted – fields of application

This lift basin is electrically stepless adjustable and mechanically tiltable unit with multifunctional, spring-loaded folding handles. By surface mounting, it can be ideally retrofitted in every bathroom and sanitary facility. Suitable for:

  • Wheelchair user
  • People with limited mobility
  • Children and seniors

The basin is accessible by wheelchair user through its special shape. Wheelchair users can reach the basin tap comfortably and easily place their arms on the basin.

Control of the lift basin:

Our wall-mounted lift basin can be electrically infinitely variable adjusted from 500 mm to 850 mm in height and by 10 degrees in angle. Control options:

  • Handle-integrated keyboard (with protective foil)
  • Remote control (additional)

Integration & design:

The wall-mounted lift basin is particularly easy to retrofit in any sanitary facility:

  • Surface mounting
  • High-quality materials for an elegant, timeless look
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance through user-friendly and smooth surfaces

Lift basin Surface mounted – construction

Height adjustment Lift Waschtisch Aufputz - elektrische Höhenverstellung Inclination Lift Waschtisch Aufputz - mechanische Neigungsverstellung The wall-mounted lift basin is electrically adjustable in height from 500 to 850 mm. Also the basin can be mechanically inclined by 10 degree to the front.
Element consists of:

  • Galvanized steel profiles
  • Side panel is available in all common RAL colors
  • Fully accessible washbasin
  •  Multifunctional, moving and spring loaded folding handles
  • Integrated drain-kit
  • Integrated electronic unit
  • Fastening elements for wall and floor
  • Mirror
Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1100 x 900 mm
  • Height adjustment: 500 – 850 mm
  • Washbasin inclination: 10 degrees
  • Drain: DN32
  • Power connection: 16A 230V50Hz
  • Water connection: G1/2″
  • Angle valves: 10/ G3/8″

Dimension sheet – wall-mounted Lift basin

Lift Waschtisch Aufputz - Maßblatt

Lift Basin – Santis 900

Lift Waschtisch Aufputz - Santis Waschbecken 900 MaßangabenLift Waschtisch Aufputz - Santis 900 Waschbecken Ceramic basin Santis 900:

  • Special execution: for wheelchair user
  • Special shape for easy resting of arms

Configuration Options

You can combine the wall-mounted lift basin according to your needs.

The main element of the washbasin is the front-wall construction. All other elements can be determined by you:

  • Mirror element
    • Mounted on the front-wall construction
    • With or without a mirror lighting and heating
  • Handles
    • With integrated control
    • Folded up and braked, can be locked up in every position
    • Available in all RAL colors (Handle color and color of page elements are the same)
  • Washbasin
    • Standard basin Santis 900
    • On request other manufacturers are available

With our request form you can put together your personalized lift basin. You will receive a non-binding offer that has been configured according to your individual specifications.

Download section – Lift basin wall-mounted

Brochures, instruction sheets, operating manuals, texts for invitation to tender – to download To install Acrobat Reader please click here Text for invitation to tender the lift-basin Dimension Sheet lift-basin_wall-mounting Lift washbasin_Flyer Lift washbasin_Flyer_2 Wall preparation_lift washbasin_wall-mounted Installation guide Instruction_of_use _Lift washbasin_wall-mounted