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3-fold benefits – for patients, staff and facility

Toilet-lifts help the patient, nursing staff an institution Our Lift-toilets and Stand-Up Support help:

  • the institution
  • nursing staff
  • the patient himself

Our medical aids and devices meet the needs of the most important three customer groups.

1. Patient – autonomy and quality of life

Our Lift-toilets help physically disabled people to cope with their daily challenges. For many people the bowel movement is extremely cumbrous, in individual cases even impossible without the support of third parties. However, the majority of affected individuals want to decide themselves without impose on someone. Our toilet lifts provide a convenient solution for the troublesome bowel movement – ideal for wheelchair users. Persons concerned will be able to sit down easily, raise up and use the toilet flush themselves. For an increased quality of life and autonomy.

2. Nursing staff – relief and health promotion

The benefit of mechanical support is currently still not recognized. Thus, there is a lot of physical effort in the maintenance work. This daily physical strain can have a negative impact in the long term health of the nursing staff. The number of cases of the disease is very high, especially in nursing work-related areas. Among the most common diseases is the Cervical syndrome, an injury to the vertebrae of the neck, which can be triggered by severe physical stress. Our Lift-toilets counteract these physical stress by simplifying the transfer of the patient to the toilet or even makes it unnecessary at best.

3. Institution – quality improvement and cost savings

The health sector is one of the fastest growing economic space in Europe. This results in an increased awareness  on patients’ needs. Our Lift-toilets pick up at this point and will help to improve the quality of care. By using our Lift-toilets you are able to save up to 12 minutes, depending on the clinical case severity. More time for individual medical attendance and care of patients. Moreover, staff resources can be saved and sickness absence through physical overstrain will be reduced. This contributes enormously to the expense situation of each facility.

As part of an EU research project conducted in collaboration with nurses and patients in day care center of Caritas Socialis Vienna, one demonstrated that Santis Lift toilets improved the overall situation of all those involved. The Austrian MS Society wanted to quantify the benefits and put the following question: “Would the establishment of such a toilet in (semi-)public buildings facilitate your daily life?” 72.3% of respondents answered “Yes, very”.

Economic calculation
when using a Lift-toilet or Stand-Up Support “R2D2”
in outpatient or inpatient care facilities.

Outpatient care

Prices according to compulsory long term care insurance conformable to law (SGB11)


Patient long-term care level II
Care services per month: 980 Euro

Cost of Services

Toilet visit per day 5
Costs for help to empty bowel and bladder 4,40 Euro
Visitation 3,40 Euro
Total costs per day 39 Euro
Total costs per month 1.209 Euro


Despite the own contribution of 229 Euro per month, the patient has not received any further care services (bathing, dressing, eating, etc.)


By using our Lift-toilet or Stand-Up Support R2D2, the following advantages can be achieved:

  • more funds for individual needs of the patients
  • preservation of self-determination and dignity
  • relief of relatives and nursing staff

Inpatient care

It is assumed that through the use of our toilets or Stan-Up Support, about 10 patients can make their toileting independently and unaided.


Based on the experiences of Caritas Socialis in Vienna at 3 years of continuous use

Patients in need of assistance in visiting the toilet 10
Daily toilet use per patient 5
Time saving by using the toilet lift 3 to 12 minutes (on average 7 min)
Time saving per day and person 35 min
Time saving per day and 10 persons 350 min


The use of our lift toilet or Stand-Up Support R2D2 has the following advantages:

  • time saving of approximately 6 working hours per day (10 patients)
  • leading to a workload of 180-186 hours per month
  • This corresponds to a full-time employee with minimal labour costs of about 3.000-3.500 Euros / month


1. Time saving, which can be used for:

  • having a closer look into the diseases of the patients
  • meaningful activity and medical attendance of patients

2. Preservation of self-determination and dignity

3. Relief to the nursing staff and possible reduction of work-related cases of the disease

4. Responsible management of the staff of the nursing home

5. Rapid amortization due to low investment costs of max. 3.000 to 5.000 Euro