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Lift toilet –

Because everyone wants to be independent as long as possible

A lift toilet is an electrically height-adjustable toilet unit. Depending on the version, the toilet lift is also adjustable in angle and accessible by special handles. Here, a toilet lift serves as a comfortable setting and stand up support.

The following lift toilets are available as flush-mounted version:

lift toilet ForAll

lift toilet ForAll

Lift toilet Care

Lift toilet Care

lift toilet CarePlus

lift toilet CarePlus

The following elevator toilet is available as a wall-mounted version:

  • Santis STV: height, angle adjustable and wheelchair accessible
    and e…

Lift Toilette STV100 - Frontansicht


Fields of application

The toilet lift has been specially designed for people who have difficulty in using a standard toilet.

The smart lift toilet is therefore particularly suitable for:

  • Private households
  • Multi-generation homes
  • Therapy and recreation centres
  • Retirement and nursing homes