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Stand-Up Support for the toilet

To be helped is good, to help yourself is even better…

Stand-Up Supports are common devices and medical aids for people with restricted mobility or disabilities to ease the process of standing up and sitting down. We provide custom-made set and standing up support for the toilet.

Stand-Up Supports facilitate the visit to the toilet

Lifting or supporting of long term care patients is a strenuous issue as for relatives or trained nurses. For people with special needs the daily visit to the bathroom is really an obstacle, which is difficult to overcome by themselves. Stand-Up Supports are particularly suitable for:

  • private households
  • extended family households
  • therapy and recreation centers
  • retirement and nursing homes
Stand-up Support R2D2

Stand-up Support R2D2

Stand-up Support BC65

Stand-up Support BC65

MMC - mobile toilet chair

MMC – mobile toilet chair

The following types of Stand-Up Support devices are available: