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Lift Basin

– A basin for each size

A lift basin is an infinitely variable electrically adjustable washbasin unit. Depending on the model, the lift basin is also adjustable in inclination. Optional, the lift basin comes with special handles or wheelchair-adjusted to be fully accessible.

Lift basin wall-mounting

Lift basin wall-mounting

Lift basin flush-mounting

Lift basin flush-mounting

Fields of application

The lift basin has been developed especially for people who have difficulties in using sanitary facilities without further help. Wheelchairs for example, require special height adjustment for the basin tap.

For flush mounting, the flexible element of the flush unit can also be adapted to your requirements for sinks, low- and sideboards, mirrors and lighting etc.

For surface mounting the lift basin can be equipped with an inclination of 10 degrees.

An intelligent lift basin unit is therefore particularly suitable for:

  • Private households
  • Multigenerational homes
  • Therapy and recreation centres
  • Retirement and nursing homes

Our lift washbasins are available in the following variants: