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Product benefits:
Lift toilet ForAll

  • Capable of being integrated into every bathroom and sanitary facility.
  • Suitable for almost any wall-mounted toilet with / without bidet
  • Electrically variable height adjustment (range: 350 mm) even under load
  • Comfortable stand up support
  • Control via wall switch
  • Additional remote control available
  • Additional infrared sensor for automatic flushing available
  • “Invisible” through flush-mounted construction
  • Safe low voltage 24 V technology
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

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Lift toilet ForAll

Infinitely electrically adjustable lift toilet with flush mounting

Lift Toilette ForAll mit Unterputzmontage

 Lift Toilette ForAll - technische Daten

Different Fields

Fields of application of the lift toilet ForAll

The Lift toilet ForAll is suitable for everyone regardless of age or movement disorders. The easy electric height adjustment of the lift-toilet can be ideally adapted to the individual needs of each household member.

Suitable for:

  • Persons with difficulties in using a standard toilet
  • Children and seniors in general
  • People with limited mobility

Fields of application:

  • Infinitely variable height adjustment (range: 350 mm)
  • Comfortable setting and stand up support


Control of the lift toilet ForAll:

The Lift toilet ForAll can be electrically infinitely variable adjusted to the desired seat height. From 400 mm to 750 mm. Control options:

  • Wall switch
  • on request additional remote control (additional with flush and alert)
  • optional infrared sensor (integrated in wall switch for automatic flush)


Design & integration:

The Lift toilet ForAll can be easily integrated in any bathroom:

  • Flush mounting
  • Suitable for standard toilets as well as washlets and bidets
  • high-quality materials for an elegant, timeless lookeasy maintenance and cleaning due to user-friendly, smooth surfaces

Flush-mounting – Lift toilet ForAll

The Lift toilet ForAll can be integrated through the flush-mounted design “invisible” in the rear wall and fits very harmoniously into the bathroom. Lift Toilette ForAll - UnterputzrahmenLift Toilette ForAll - Maßangaben

In-wall frame consisting of:

  • galvanized steel profiles
  • integrated in-wall cistern UP 320 Geberit
  • Flush plate (Color: White)
  • Drain set
  • Electric unit
  • Plastic cover (Color: White)
  • Wall switch for height adjustment
Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1470 x 608 mm
  • Height adjustment: 400-750 mm
  • Drain DN100
  • Power supply 230V / 50Hz 16A
  • Water connection G 1/2 “
  • Angle valves 10/ G 3/8 “
  • Drive control 24V DC

Configuration Options for Lift toilet ForAll

The flush-mounted element of the lift toilet ForAll can be configured as desired. You can choose between different toilet seats and toilet bowls. Just send us an inquiry and we would gladly put together an individualized offer for your toilet lift.

Lift Toilette ForAll - Maßangaben configuration options

Download section

Brochures, instruction sheets, operating manuals, texts for invitation to tender – to download To install Acrobat Reader please click here

Dimension Sheet Lift Toilet ForAll

Wall preparation-Lift toilet_Santis_Forall and Care

Text for invitation to tender the lift-toilet_FORALL


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