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Product benefits:
Mobile toilet chair

  • EU funded project “ISU-DEP”
  • Relief for families and / or nursing staff
  • effortless mobility
  • Commode chair, transfer chair, shower chair, commode
  • standing up assist
  • Alternatively, for fixed installations as solid commode (chair)
  • infinitely variable height and inclination adjustment
  • Remote control and / or built in control button
  • fold-up padded armrests (two-sided)
  • 4 castors, Total / directional lock
  • footrest can be folded
  • Version with / without bidet
  • modular design, no installation effort
  • for more mobility and autonomy

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Multifunctional, mobile chair

The multifunctional and mobile toilet chair (MMC) is the first module, which is supported by the European Union under the project name “ISU-DEP”:

eu7 “ISU-DEP” stands for “Intelligent Sanitary Unit for disable and elderly people” which was supported by the 7th Framework program of the European Union. This is a complete system to facilitate the care of vulnerable people and promotes the autonomy of users. Here you will find further information on ISU-DEP.


MMC - mobile toilet chair

MMC – mobile toilet chair

MMC - moving function

MMC – moving function

MTC – an absolute innovation

Multifunctional, mobile chair – an absolute innovation

The mobile toilet chair is an absolute novelty. It not only promotes the autonomy of affected patients in everyday life, but it also gives a significant relief to the nursing staff. The integrated control system (in the handles) can be easily operated by the user himself when standing up and sitting down. Alternatively, the multi-functional toilet seat also has a standalone remote control run by an assistant or nurse.

The mobile and multifunctional toilet chair offers the following range of use:

  •    mobile toilet chair
  •    Transfer chair (from A to B)
  •    Shower chair
  •    night commode
  •    as Stand-Up Support in all fields of application

Hier ein paar Bildeindrücke des MTS:

MMC - height adjustment

MMC – height adjustment

MMC - height and inclination adjustment

MMC – height and inclination adjustment

MMC - toilet chair

MMC – toilet chair



  • Dimensions:  1030 x 600 x 830 mm
  • Structure : stainless steel
  • Inclination: from -23° to +12°
  • Height adjustment: from 510 to 820 mm
  • Power:24 V battery

  • Structure: stainless steel tube frame 
  • Handles: swivel-mounted with integrated controls
  • Armrest made of cushioned leather-like material
  • Control: additional wireless remote control available
  • Foot plate and back rest can be folded upwards
  • 4 swivelable Wheels: fully rotatable, can be fixed in every direction


  • mobile toilet chair, transfer chair, mobile commode, shower chair, stand-up support

Mobile, mulitfunctional chair – composition alternatives

Fixed toilet chair TS

The mobile and multifunctional commode with stand up support is alternatively available as a fixed version.

This fixed version is installed over the toilet and connected to the mains supply

MMC - white version

MMC – white version

MMC - fixed version

MMC – fixed version

Please contact us through the MMC request form and we will send you an offer matching your individual requirements on your personalized mobile toilet chair with many functions.

additional accessories:

Your able to select from various additional options such as different toilet seats, toilet bowls and means of control.

Ask us, we will help you!

Toilet seat without lid

Toilet seat without lid

toilet seat with bidet - vebra air

with bidet – vebra air

protection against splash water while using a bidet

against splash water

standalone remote control

standalone remote control

download section

Brochures, instuction sheets, operating manuals, texts for invitation to tender – to download

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how to use mobile toilet chair


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