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brain callisthenics for young and grown-ups

Tangram is a fiddly transformation puzzle with over 1,000 possible combinations. It keeps the brain alert and provides the ideal entertainment at home, in the coffee break or on the way with family and friends. Play against yourself or measure your puzzle skills with others. Find out who puzzles the right shape faster…

Tangram keeps the grey matter alert

Just like our muscles our brain needs training – it can be exercised like a muscle. If it is not kept up to go, it retrenches mainly in the later years of life. With new challenges every day we keep our brain fit: with games, puzzles, brain teasers and tricky tasks. This makes Tangram a perfect mental “sports equipment”. Give it a go!

Handy & top-quality

We offer Tangram in a handy package that fits into virtually any pocket. The geometric shapes are made ​​of high quality wood. In the box you will find the template, instruction as well as first tasks and solutions. Other challenges will be regularly put online, under the tab “tasks” and “solutions” – PDFs can be downloaded through the download section.

Rules of the game

  • Tangram consists of seven flat shapes
  • these are to be merged in accordance with the tasks (shadowy figures)
  • many different figures can be made, like people, animals, ships and other objects
  • all seven tiles from the template must be used
  • superimposing of the individual parts is not allowed
  • control your solution with the answer key

Have fun puzzling!

Order Tangram

You can order the popular match game directly from us.

As a company, you have the opportunity to personalize the packaging with your own logo and your contact details – as a gift or give-away for your employees or customers. From a quantity of 200 and more the personalization will be free of charge. Just ask us – we will gladly advise you!

Contact for inquiries and orders

Here you will find the contact for questions or assistance with the order:

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