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Santy handle bar system

Unique safety handle bar: The simple solution for self-reliant toilet use

Santy offers special handle bars that ease the self-reliant use of the toilet. The Santy system consists of a booster seat, fixing plate, handles and toilet seat or bidet. It can be used with every kind of toilet. It is the only handle bar system on the market that works with a bidet. The new One-Touch-Control offers a complete intimate care at the push of a button.

The suitable system for every toilet

Whether wall-mounted or floor-standing toilet – our handles are appropriate for each popular toilet. It can be easily fixed on every toilet and facilitates the safe and independent use.

Santy handle bars for wall-mounted and floor-standing toilets.


Unique handle bar system suitable for bidet – with the push of a button

The santy handle bars are as well the only system with booster seat on the market that is suitable for bidet – besides the use with a normal toilet seat. The bidet comes with a One-Touch-control for a complete intimate care.

Aspen One-Touch-Control for a complete intimate care.

Bidet Control is integrated in the handle.

With the push of a button one can start the complete intimate care of the bidet and the inevitable program runs through.

Ergonomic handle bar system with booster seat

The Santy system comes with ergonomic foldable and spring-loaded handles. The handle bar system will be placed with a fixing plate that grants more stability an confidence. The combination with the booster seat is a comfortable expansion for every toilet that has to be suitable for a safe, easy and autonomous use.

Specifications for the Santy handle bar system

Santy system – distance (mm) between toilet an handles

Distance (mm) of the handles.

Santy system – booster seat

Booster seat with elongated version.

Technical feature: Because of the special design the fixing plate and the seat ring are anchored. So the system can’t laterally move during the use. This solution offers a very stabile and safe application.

Handle jointHandle jo


Spring-loaded handles: The handle bar system can be clicked into place in any position. The springing strengh is adjustable at customer’s option.



Composition alternatives for Santy handle bar system

Santy handle bar system is the only system on the market that works with a toilet seat as well as with a bidet for a complete intimate care.

It consists of:

  • a toilet for wall-mounted or floor-standing toilet
  • booster seat
  • handle bar system with fixing plate
  • and a toilet seat or a bidet
Santy handle bar system with bidet Santy handle bar system with toilet seat

All components can be ordered together or as single parts. If you want you can get the Santy handle bar system without the booster seat, too. It will work as well. The combination of the system applies to wall-mounted as well as floor-standing toilets. If necessary, we will produce equally an individual handle bar system for you. Feel free to ask us!

Interest in Santy handle bar system?

Please send us your request through our contact form or send us an email. We are pleased to put together a personalized offer for the Santy handle bar system. Of course, you can also call us directly – we will gladly advise you!

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